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Our Why

The Innovation Imperative

Long-term trends of population growth and urbanisation, together with existing pressures on planetary resources require a radical shift in resource efficiency. Simultaneously, the current pandemic shows the need for greater preparation for known global risks.

  • We currently consume resources at x1.75 times the rate the Earth can replenish them

  • Population expected to grow 25% to almost 10 billion in the next 30 years

  • Urban populations in developing economies expected to increase 78% in the next 30 years, with the attendant increase in resource consumption per person


There is a self-evident imperative to accelerate innovation, as well as a vast commercial opportunity presented by addressing our most pressing challenges.

Blue Wave Innovation Capital
The Imperative

Who We Are

Our mission is to mobilise capital to accelerate innovation addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. This is where we have greatest leverage to create a positive change. 

We believe that deep, long-term relationships and earned trust are fundamental both to commercial success and creating an impact.

Blue Wave Innovation Capital Alessandra Ricagno

Alessandra Ricagno

Managing Partner

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Blue Wave Innovation Capital Béla Hanratty

Béla Hanratty

Managing Partner

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Who We Are

Who We Serve

Blue Wave Innovation Capital empowers Wealth Managers and Investment Sponsors to invest in the transition to more sustainable, human-centric systems, as well as supporting the Entrepreneurs building the companies at the leading edge of innovation.

Wealth Managers

Wanting to create access to differentiated investment opportunities for their top-tier clients

Investment Sponsors​

Making or coordinating investments into innovation addressing real challenges


Warriors in the arena, building the companies that will drive the transition to sustainable industries

Who We Serve

What We Do

Whilst there is a growing opportunity set and rising interest in investing in innovation, there remain frictions in connecting investors to opportunities. We mobilise the capital needed to fuel innovation through the selective sourcing and packaging of private market investment opportunities.


Identifying investment opportunities according to a specific mandate or theme


Making or coordinating investments into innovation addressing real challenges


Structuring the investment product, including legal form and governance framework

Capital Advisory

Commercial and funding raising advisory and selective introduction to investors

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We'd be delighted to hear from you​

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What We Do
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